3rd JavaScript MeetUP Ostrava


JS MeetUP is common space for front-end developers to learn and share experiences between each other, to challenge our status quo of thinking so we do not stunt.

Impact Hub Ostrava

Sokolská třída 1263/24, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Why July in Ostrava?

Not from Ostrava? Considering to join Colours of Ostrava festival? You can enjoy both at the same time – 3 hours of inspiration at the MeetUP first and unique european festival right after.

Content of the MeetUP

Martin Janiczek (Raynet) spoke at Elm Europe early June this year. We cannot wait to hear the news from the conference, insightful ideas as well as challenging thoughts. As Elm is quite progressive language fixing many design flaws of React and other JS frameworks it is good to keep up to its fast evolution.

Specific questions Martin will cover for us:

  • How to approach testing in Elm
  • What is and how to use Fuzzy testing
  • Elm code organization
  • What Elm does not allow me to do and how to solve it

Jirka Slíva (Newired) will share real life experiences from product development in Elm:

  • Learning curve – how long it takes to Elm newcomers become productive
  • Pros and cons of complex app development in Elm
  • What challenges we have faced and what stages of dev we have passed


Czech (if you prefer English let us know up-front)

Entrance fee

Free of charge

Mandatory registration

If you are interested to join the MeetUP, register in this form: https://goo.gl/…v56XsxknW9u1

Hosts / organizers

Newired + Raynet

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