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Setkání komunity uživatelů, vývojářů a designérů pohybujících se okolo redakčního systému Drupal.

Drupal IronCamp


Drupal Iron Camp is a Drupal event organized by joint Drupal forces from all around Central and Eastern Europe. Our goal is to create a connection point for everyone in the Drupal world who is interested in what this region can offer to Drupal.

The first event will be organized in Prague, Czech Republic in November 2016 with 350 attendees.

We focus on two main goals with organizing the event:

Community building

Business opportunity development

With both goals our aim is to foster networking the regional Drupal resources and Western European and US markets.

For four days in November, we aim to make Prague the center of the Drupal ideology of ’sharing is caring’ and all of our tracks and meetups are designed to strengthen this aim. We’re going to have community and business summits, sessions and workshops, job speed dating and sprinting throughout the whole week.

The organizers

The basic concept of a CEE-oriented Drupal conference originates from the eight local communities of this region: Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

Aligned to this common idea, Drupal Iron Camp intends to be a travelling event, hosted every year by another country. On this first occasion, in 2016, it will be held in Prague, thus both operative tasks executed and financial support will be provided by the Drupal Association CZ (to be announced soon).

We offer various sponsorship packages for companies and individuals who would like to support Drupal Iron Camp financially, these will be posted to our website soon.

If you are interested in the event, contact us at info@drupalironcamp.com

We hope to see you in Prague in 2016!

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Pieter Jan Claeys
Sven Decabooter
Drvena Kuhača
Miroslav Mitić
Marija Lukacin
Josip Šarić
Nevena Stajić
Jan Nagy
Chandeep Singh Khosa
Wolfgang Ziegler
Alexander Heim
Adam Dziendziel
Klaus Purer
Miloš Kroulík
Maximilian Uhl
Matija Jurčević
Rubén Teijeiro Suárez

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