Job servers (Minecraft)

January 22, 2023

Job servers (Minecraft)

Just like the real world, some Minecraft servers have jobs and tasks that allow players to take up a profession, get hired, and earn money as a reward.

Players can use their hard-earned cash from Minecraft job servers to purchase items or to compete with other players who earn more.

This list of the best Minecraft servers that offer jobs offers a wide range of jobs, including unique and fun activities.

IP address of MC Prison: MC.PRISONFUN.COM

MC Prison is a great Minecraft server with jobs. The server is located in a fictional prison. Players must use all means to make enough money and escape into the real world.

There are many ways to make money by setting up in the server. You can also get a job. You could be employed by others or even start a profitable black market business.

MC Prison is online since 2014. It has thousands of concurrent users on a daily basis making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to join.

Version Minecraft: Java, Latest (11.6)

SMP Unlimited IP:

SMP Unlimited is an SMP (Survival MultiPlayer Minecraft) server. It allows you to play the classic survival Minecraft gamemode, but with a more civilized social experience.

This experience includes the ability to find work and be a contributing member of society. This could include maintaining the lands or developing new areas of the town.

Version Minecraft: Java, Latest (11.6)

Towny Time IP address:

Towny Time is a simple Minecraft server that allows players to either join other towns or create their own. To level up your town's rank, each town has its own mayor. There are many jobs you need to complete.

There are over 900 jobs and quests that players can complete for their towns. You can also choose a career path and earn a steady income while living in your town.

Version Minecraft: Java, Latest (11.6)

Maestra IP:

Maestra gives players an exclusive Minecraft survival experience. It includes McMMO, mythic drop, custom mobs and custom items.

You can choose to work for a company or take a job to make money in the server shop-based economy. Skills learned in careers can also be useful for the overall survival game.

There are many notable professions that players can choose from, including blacksmithing and alchemy, bar tending. Cooking & catering, farming, diving, trading, and other related fields.

Version Minecraft: Java, Latest (11.6)

BusinessCraft IP:

BusinessCraft aims to bring the brutal idea of capitalism into Minecraft's blocky world. You can choose from hundreds of jobs in society such as teaching, taxi driving, or carpenting.

You can also start your own business and hire other players. BusinessCraft has its own democratically elected government. Players vote to set the rules and oversee the game.

Businesscraft allows players to build and manage their own cities for others to use after they have earned enough money. They will be elected mayor and responsible for hiring others to manage essential city departments, like the police force.

Version Minecraft: Java, Latest (11.6)