Minecraft librarian guide

January 17, 2023

Minecraft librarian guide

Minecraft's librarians are regarded as the best villagers. Villagers in Minecraft are a unique type of mob. They behave very similar to human beings. They work during the day and sleep at night. They can be found in villages and traded with by players.

Some mobs have different professions that can trade emeralds or other valuable items. They can be approached by players with any items or emeralds they want to trade.

Over the years, players have had many interactions with villagers. Librarians are the most helpful. This is a quick guide to help new players find Librarians easily.

Steps to become a Librarian in Minecraft1.18

1) Locate a village

First, players must find a place where these mobs can spawn. You can easily find these structures by simply roaming the overworld. Villages can be found in all biomes except for swamps, forests, mountains, and rare biomes. These are the only places where players can find any type of villager. This makes it the easiest step to locate a village.

2) Identify a Librarian

After players have found a village, they will need to locate a Librarian. Because different professional village villagers wear different clothes, new players may not be familiar with the appearance of the villagers. The Librarian will wear glasses and have a book on their head. These striking features make it easy to identify.

There is always the possibility that they won't find one in their village. There is an easy trick that players can use to turn any villager into a professional craftsman.

3) Crafting Lectern for converting a villager

Players will need to create a block called Lectern in order to transform a villager into a professional. You can do this with four plank slabs, one bookhelf and a crafting table. After the block has been made, players must trap a normal villager and place the lectern in the room. After the block has been placed, the normal villager can connect to it and become Librarian.

These villagers are the best at trading

Librarians make great villager because they can trade the most. They trade emeralds to paper at first, which is a great way to make lots of emeralds just by trading paper.

They start to trade enchanted books which are extremely useful for all players after a while. They are able to trade rare treasure enchanted books.

A player can break the lectern to place a trade again if they are not happy with their trade chart. This will reshuffle trades, allowing players to find the enchanted books they are looking for.