Most useful potions in Minecraft

December 30, 2022

Most useful potions in Minecraft

Hardcore Minecraft can be difficult because dying is limited and the game remains at its most difficult difficulty. If the player is not prepared, mobs or other hostile entities can be overwhelming.

Brewing potions is one way players can prepare for new challenges. There are many types of potions available in Minecraft. Each type has a different level of potency. There are many types of potions that can have different effects depending on the ingredients used to make them.

Potions can help players make it easier to live in a tough world. Here are five great uses for potions:

1) Strength potion

This potion is easy to make, requiring only netherwart as the base ingredient and blaze powder for the main ingredient.

The strength potion works exactly as its name suggests, it allows players to inflict significantly more damage on entities. This can be very helpful in certain situations, such as on Minecraft PvP servers, where strength potions may give players an edge.

2) Regeneration potion

One thing is certain: players can expect to sustain damage during their Minecraft hardcore adventure. This is not a major problem and can easily be mitigated by using a regeneration potion.

It is slightly more difficult to make regeneration potions, but they require a ghast tears as their active ingredient. This potion is so useful, it may be worth farming the Ghasts.

3) Instant Health

It pays to be prepared for any emergency that may arise in Minecrafters' lives. These potions can instantly regenerate 2 hearts, and can be upgraded to give you 4 hearts.

These are easy to make and only require glistering melons for their active ingredient. To save time, players often use the splash version of the instant-healing potion.

4) Fire resistance

Fire is very common in the Nether. A fire resistance potion is necessary to make the player immune to fire and lava damage.

This allows players to relax and not worry about being hit by mobs or falling into lava. It is possible to end a hardcore player's world by falling into lava. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some extras in case you need them when exploring the Nether. Magma cream is the main ingredient. It's also very affordable.

5) Slow fall

The slow falling potion is last but not least. This potion negates any fall damage to players and allows them to fall at an even slower rate.

Fall damage can be fatal, and is a common reason why hardcore players end their runs. This potion is inexpensive and uses a Phantom membrane as its main ingredient.